• 100m World Record

    Berlin 2009 - Usain Bolt with a New World Record in 9.58 over 100 m (0.45)

  • Andy Darvill
  • Balance Forces

    Not an animation, just a picture

  • Balanced Forces 1

    The force of the wind acting on the sail (in this case anticlockwise) is balanced by the force of the crew leaning out (clockwise force)

  • Balanced forces 2

    In this case the clockwise force is the crew pushing down on the daggerboard and the anticlockwise force is the resistance of the water on the sail

  • Balls dropping to earth

    A look at the horizontal and vertical moments of two falling balls.

  • BBC GCSE Bitesize Forces & Motion
  • Bike crash on gravel

    Took the bike out for a little ride after a 6 month hiatus and then this happened . Ah the joy of spring riding. The dangers of a poor road surface

  • Bouncing ball

    Features gravitation constant, energy absorption and time elapsed.

  • Buster Online Tests
  • Buster Online Tests
  • Candles in a spinning dome

    Watch what happens to the flames of a line of candles as they are spun inside a perspex dome

  • Car brakes
  • Car crash on ice

    Slippery roads increase stopping distances as demonstrated by this icy road in Montreal.

  • Car crashes

    A series of Australian nCAP tests plus an explanation of energy and stopping distances.

  • Centripetal force

    What do merry-go-rounds have to do with artificial gravity? Learn about the science of spinning when Dr. Carlson talks about circular motion and the centripetal force. A little old but interesting

  • Chinese truck

    A Chinese truck that failed the crash test

  • Circular motion

    Explanation of circular motion in doodles

  • Circular Motion and SHM

    Showing how the shadow of an object going around in circle can be exactly copied by a mass 'bouncing' on a spring

  • Conservation of energy

    Using a Ten Pin Bowling Ball the team demonstrate a fundamental principle of Physics known as the Conservation Of Energy

  • Conservation of momentum

    Demonstrations of and Introduction to Conservation of Momentum

  • Distance and Displacement
  • Distance vs time data Buntingford to Cambridge

    Sample data for a distance vs time graph of a journey from Buntingford to Cambridge, includes a stop at the level crossing.

  • Distance vs time graph

    Brief tutorial for distance vs time graph

  • Einstein gravity time warp
  • Elastic and Inelastic collisions

    In collisions, momentum is conserved. In elastic collisions, kinetic energy is conserved but not in inelastic ones.

  • F1 cars accelerating

    A series of F1 cars accelerating. 0 - 100 kmph times quoted to allow you to calculate the acceleration.

  • F=MA

    In this experiment, we tried to establish the F=MA equation. We did this by creating a system which involved a Car, being pulled by a pulley which was attached to some masses (Weight, which in this experiment acts as force, Weight is mass being accelerated by gravity.) In the first experiment we moved the Weights from the Weight, to the Car (Turning it into Mass). This is graph One, which is the upper of the two. And the results are to the left of it. The second experiment was where we only added to the Mass of the car. Activities: Plot the gradient, as the Acceleration and Mass have been listed, put these values into F=MA and see if the Gradient is equal to F. If so why so? If not, why not?

  • F=ma (lightgates)

    Excel spreadsheet with data from the dataloggers of an F=ma experiment

  • Feather and hammer on the moon

    Apollo 15 crew carry out the famous Galileo hammer and feather experiment on the moon

  • Forces & Motion Powerpoint
  • Forces and Motion (SiF)

    An old but useful video
    Distance time 0 -4.18
    Acceleration Stopping 4.18 - 10.08
    Bungee jump 10.08 - 15.48
    Jumping from a plane 15.48 - 18.38

  • Forces lifting an object
  • Forces on a cyclist

    A whole series of forces that can be adjusted on a cyclist.

  • Forces Powerpoint
  • Free Body Diagrams - Balanced forces

    A short tutorial (7.34) introducing drawing free body force diagrams for balanced forces. (NOT accelerating)

  • Free Body Diagrams - Intro

    A short tutorial (8.32) introducing free body force diagrams

  • Free Body Diagrams - Unbalanced forces

    A short tutorial (7.34) introducing drawing free body force diagrams for unbalanced forces. (objects are accelerating)

  • Friction
  • Gas Pressure

    Looking at what happens when the pressure is reduced inside a container

  • GCSE.com Forces & Motion
  • gcsescience.com
  • Hooke's Law

    Relationship between force and displacement for spring.

  • Hooke's Law

    Resources from Matter at the University of Liverpool

  • Introduction to force

    Defining Force. Including its dimensions, demonstrations of force and mass affecting acceleration, showing that a force is an interaction between two objects and contact vs. field forces.

  • Kinetic and Potential Energy

    Law of conservation of energy. Kinetic to Potential to Kinetic (2.45)

  • Lightgates acceleration

    A setup for lightgates to measure acceleration on an air track

  • Lightgates height vs velocity

    Results for an experiment where the height of a ramp, down which a car is rolled, is varied. The velocity of the car is calculated using a lightgate.
    The mass of the car was 53.7g

  • Lightgates velocity

    A setup for lightgates to measure velocity on an air track

  • Loop the loop demo

    A demonstration of a ball bearing completing the loop the loop and an explanation of the energies involved

  • Maglev

    magnetic train

  • Mass Spring Lab

    Adjust the mases and note the different impact on the spring extension.

  • Measuring G
  • Motorbike accelerating

    Yamaha R1 hitting 320km/h
    You can use the speedo and the clock on the timeline to work out the acceleration

  • Nascar crash

    Crashes are all part of NASCAR's excitement. (2.22)

  • ncap chery amulet

    Euro NCAP test on chinese car that failed

  • ncap Fiat Seicento

    Fiat Seicento 2 star safety

  • ncap modelling

    An attempt to model the ncap tests. Rig needs improving so that it pushes a dolley rather than being directly connected to the car

  • ncap renault megan

    Renault Megane 2008 5 star safety rating

  • ncap rover 100

    Not a good example of a safe car!

  • Newton's 1st Law
  • Newton's 1st Law

    Cartoon explanation of Newton's 1st Law

  • Newton's 2nd Law

    Cartoon explanation of Newton's 2nd Law

  • Newton's 3rd Law

    Cartoon explanation of the 3rd law

  • Newton's Cradle
  • Newton's cradle

    Video of the classic Newton's cradle experiment

  • Newton's Law with lightgates

    An animation that can be used to obtain results for the Edexcel GCSE Core Practical: Investigate the relationship between force, mass and acceleration by varying the masses added to trolleys.

  • NFL Newton's First Law

    "Science of NFL Football" is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. (3.51)

  • NFL Newton's Second Law

    "Science of NFL Football" is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. In this segment, NBC's Lester Holt breaks down Isaac Newton's Second Law of Motion and how it can affect the flight of the football as place kickers shoot for the goal posts. Professors Tony Schmitz of the University of Florida and Jim Gates of the University of Maryland explain why it truly can be "hit or miss" when it comes to stricking a football. (3.51)

  • NFL Newton's Third Law

    "Science of NFL Football" is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. In this segment, NBC's Lester Holt breaks down Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion and how energy transfers between football players who collide during a game. Professors Tony Schmitz of the University of Florida and Jim Gates of the University of Maryland explain why momentum can keep a player moving or stop them in their tracks. (4.12)

  • Overloaded lorry

    What happens if your truck is over loaded. Not really related to stopping distance but fun to watch.

  • Parabolic and uniformly accelerating linear motion

    Simple, clear animation showing uniform vertical acceleration and a parabolic track

  • Parabolic motion - velocity vector

    Simple, clear animation for the magnitude of the vectors related to parabolic motion

  • Pendulum

    Change damping, starting angle etc and measure the period.

  • PhET Forces and Motion

    Another PhET html5 animation showing the impact of changing force.

  • PhET Gravity and orbits

    Another PhET animation that can be used to demonstrate the forces, speed and velocity associated with a planet orbiting a star

  • Phet Skate park energy

    Another PhET animation showing the changes of energy in a skatepark

  • Physics-gcse.com
  • Piston (Boyles Law)

    Simple animated piston.

  • Polarisation stress
  • Poster Work Done

    A3 poster showing Work Done

  • Pressure

    Increase the temperature and note the impact on the pressure.

  • Projectile
  • Properties of gases

    What happens to a volume of gas when you change the volume, temperature and pressure.

  • Red Bull Soapbox race

    Extracts from the London soapbox race at Alexandra Palace (4.14)

  • Relative Motion

    Controlling a boat as it travels across up and downstream.

  • Relative Motion Gun

    Demonstration of relative motion

  • Resultant forces

    Another excellent Doodle Science animation (1.30)

  • S-Cool
  • S-Cool
  • Spanner & nut


  • Stealth at Thorpe Park

    Ride in the front seat of Stealth at Thorpe Park near London, England. A drop of 205 feet, 0 - 80 mph in 2.8 seconds

  • Stopping distance

    A revision video on the knowledge required on stopping distances. The knowledge was written for AQA but applies to other boards too.

  • Stopping distance animation

    Stopping distance animation that can be used to collect data

  • Stopping distance chart

    hart of stopping distance for different speeds (in mph and kmph)

  • Tennis Ball

    momentum impulse

  • Velocity graphs for 2 cars

    Adust the velocity and watch the impact on the graph

  • Velocity vs time graph

    Doodle Science teaches you physics in a less boring way in almost no time! This one starts with speed, the gradient of a distance vs time graphs, then moves on to acceleration, the gradient of a velocity vs time graph and the area under this graph (distance travelled). (1.56)

  • Weight and Mass

    One of a series of slightly zany physics tutorials - stick with it, they're good. This one compares weight with mass.

  • Weight and mass (from space)

    The difference between weight and mass explained by flight engineers on the international space station (6.08)

  • Young Modulus

    Matter resource from the University of Liverpool (uses Java)